Our Story
Our Story

Green Fields Soil and Stream Sampling Service in Western Australia

Zone51 is a green fields soil and stream sampling service, specialising in difficult terrain in the Kimberley and Pilbara Regions of Western Australia:

Shaw River West Auger Sampling Setup 2
Unique Exploration Methods

Custom modified quad bikes have been adapted to the terrain, reducing down-time, enhancing safety, boosting productivity and opening up areas ordinarily restricted to helicopter access. Our equipment includes Suzuki LTF 4wd Quad Bikes, which are efficient, cost effective, and environmentally supportive: A fully equipped Toyota Land-cruiser , with satellite phone, U.H.F. radio, EPIRB and GPS. (Same equipment also installed on Quad Bikes)

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Service You Can Trust

With over 25 years experience, Zone51 guarantees sample relevance, integrity and quality.

We operate with minimum infrastructure and maximum efficiency allowing us to provide competitive costs compared to firms with larger overheads and deployment methods, without compromising quality or safety.

Our high work ethic and understanding of the importance of a sampling program our sample quality is second to none. Our samples are taken by an industry expert with years of experience in recognising and coding the geology of the sample site, providing a more comprehensive sample.

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Client List


With over 25 years in the industry, Zone51 has built a reputation around trust, by quickly mobilising and leading small, agile and experienced teams into remote locations using innovative exploration methods. 

We are proud to have worked with:

OUr Services

Zone51 is Western Australia's most experienced and efficient remote area mineral exploration and geochemical sampling service. We offer the following...

Geo-Chem. Sampling (Stream, Soil, Laterite, Calcrete)

Reconnaissance and Expedition

Uranium Sampling (Scintillometer, Gossan)

Regional Sampling

Drill Rig and/or Field Supervision

Auger Drilling

Camp Setup


Client Satisfaction