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Regional Sampling and Reconnaissance Services for Australia’s Exploration Industry

Zone51 is a Western Australian owned and operated company which excels at being in difficult terrain. We offer a complete range of exploration services for Australia’s exploration industry.

Good samples you can trust lead to higher investment in your company, which is why Zone51 is the leading small business in the industry today. 

We understand the importance of sampling and exploration that is affordable and comprehensive. 

Our Senior Explorationist specialises in remote geochemical sampling using the latest equipment and technology to bring you a cost effective service which is environmentally supportive.


GeoSampling GuyBridges
Geo-Chem. Sampling (Stream, Soil, Laterite, Calcrete)
Uranium Sampling
Uranium Sampling (Scintillometer, Gossan)
Regional Sampling Zone 51
Regional Sampling
Drill Rig Supervision Zone 51
Drill Rig Supervision
Auger Drilling Zone 51
Auger Drilling
FieldSupervision GuyBridges
Field Supervision
Camp Set Up Zone 51
Camp Setup
Rehabilitation Zone 51
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